Minutes of the August 13, 2015 Meeting
Board of Trustees of the Beacon Meadows Special Dependent District
Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Rd., Tampa, Florida


Trustees Present:          Barbara Appel (Treasurer), Penny Phillips (Secretary), Michael Fisher (Trustee), Anne Blevins (Trustee), John O’Neill (Trustee)

Trustees Absent:          Carol Coon (President), Violeta Seda (Vice President)

Public Present:             Joyce O’Neill


The meeting was called to order by Penny at 7:16 p.m.


Secretary's Report – The minutes of the July 2015 meeting were read by Trustees in advance.  John made a motion, seconded by Michael, to approve the minutes.  The motion was approved by a vote of 5-0.


Treasurer’s Report (July 2015)


Barbara reported that there were no revenues and normal expenditures in July.  She is waiting for the invoice from Noel Painting for painting the Casey Rd. wall.  The amount will be at least $6,000, so actual cash in bank and available to spend will be less.

Cash in Bank:  $41,719

Available to Spend:  $36,385


Old Business


Painting of Casey Rd. Wall – Noel Painting finished the wall project but has not yet submitted an invoice for payment.  The amount will be at least $6,000.


Major Repairs to Gunn Hwy. Wall – Penny reported that Robert Vanderhei of Vanderhei Concrete Construction indicated his company would be interested in submitting a bid for repairing sections of the wall.  He had agreed to meet with Penny to walk along the wall and discuss the project in further detail.  However, Mr. Vanderhei did not return Penny’s calls, even after she left several voicemail messages.  Penny contacted another company on Angie’s List, but the owner responded that repairing sections of the wall would not be profitable when there were so many other large projects in the works.  Penny remarked that hopefully T-3 Construction will still be interested in repairing sections of the wall.


Backflow Prevention Devices – The devices, which must be tested annually as required by Hillsborough County, were tested by Maurici Plumbing for $75.00 each. The devices passed the test. The $150.00 expenditure was approved at the July meeting and has been paid by Barbara.  Penny requested that Maurici Plumbing include Beacon Meadows on the calendar for annual testing of the devices, which the company agreed to do.


Upcoming Resignation of Trustee –Violeta reported at the July meeting that she may be resigning as Trustee at the November meeting, since she hopes to be moving into her new house in December.  Penny reported that Kathy Boyd, a relatively new homeowner in Beacon Meadows, had expressed an interest in becoming a Trustee, so Penny and Michael talked with Kathy about the responsibilities of a Trustee at a Beacon Meadows Adopt-A-Pond event in July.


New Business


Meeting Sign at Casey Rd. Entrance – Barbara reported that Sharman Hurd, who puts up and takes down the meeting sign at that entrance each month, informed her about the base of the sign being bent.  Sharman tried to straighten it as best she could.  Discussion ensured among Trustees about how this could have happened but without any conclusions.


Beacon Meadows Community Garage Sale – Barbara asked if Beacon Meadows should sponsor a community garage sale as it had in the past.  Penny commented that the last event, which was several years ago, had very poor participation.  She added that the problem seemed to stem from trying to get the word out to Beacon Meadows residents far enough in advance for those interested in participating to prepare for the event.  The subject was not pursued further by Trustees.


Other Business


Annual Financial Disclosure Form – Penny reported that John had called her for assistance in completing the State of Florida Financial Disclosure Form.  She emphasized to John that this was required for Trustees and could result in a significant fine if not completed on an annual basis by July 1.  John indicated that he had forgotten to complete the form and had received a notice to that effect.  Therefore, he completed and submitted the form. Penny added that this form must also be completed as part of the election process for Trustees.


There being no further business, Barbara made a motion, seconded by John, that the meeting be adjourned, which was approved by a vote of 5-0.  Penny adjourned the meeting at 7:49 p.m.



Penny Phillips, Secretary                     ____________________________