Minutes of the February 9, 2017 Meeting
Board of Trustees of the Beacon Meadows Special Dependent Tax District
Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Rd., Tampa, Florida



Trustees Present:          Michael Fisher (President), Dave duCille (Vice President), Barbara Appel (Treasurer), Penny Phillips (Secretary), Anne Blevins (Trustee), Kathy Boyd (Trustee)


Trustees Absent:           John O’Neill (Trustee)


The meeting was called to order by Michael at 7:08 p.m.


Secretary's Report – The minutes of the January 2017 meeting were read by Trustees in advance.  Barbara made a motion, seconded by Anne, to approve the minutes.  The motion was approved by a vote of 6-0. 


Treasurer’s Report (January 2017)

Revenues:  $523


            Landscape maintenance - $775

            Utilities - $174

            Ad for public hearing - $95

Cash in bank:  $61,744

Available to spend:  $50,290


Barbara reported that the Gunn Hwy. entrance water bill was still over $100 after two months.  The electric bill at that entrance also seemed high (possibly because State sales tax is now being charged). See below regarding irrigation system leak at Gunn Hwy. entrance and expiration of the tax exemption number.


Old Business


Irrigation Issue at Gunn Hwy. Entrance – Barbara reported that Jay’s Property Maintenance supposedly repaired the irrigation system problem (a leak in the drip line). She also reported that she is unable to access the District’s TECO electric bill and County water bill on-line, so she cannot get timely information.


Readoption of FY17 Budget – Penny reported that she had submitted by e-mail to Mary Mahoney of the County Management & Budget Dept. all the required documents but had not received any response.  It was agreed by Trustees that it should be assumed the package was accepted by the County.  Barbara reported that, before the FY18 budget hearing, the Board will need to realign some budget categories (i.e., shift funds from Repair and Maintenance to Other for higher than expected cost of ads and Utilities for higher than anticipated water bills).  This can be done at a monthly Board meeting without a special advertisement of the meeting.


Major Repairs to Gunn Hwy. Wall – Barbara reported that T-3 Construction had agreed to provide an update once the District’s budget was readopted.  However, at this point, no commitment to a start date can be made because of T-3 Construction’s other project (hospital), which has taken longer to complete than anticipated.


Board Meeting Signs –Dave reported that he is trying to incorporate Beacon Meadows’ logo on the sign proofs, which is somewhat difficult.  The cost will by $30.00 per sign.  However, if a sign is needed due to damage, vandalism, or loss, Dave can quickly provide a temporary sign. This topic was tabled until the March 2017 Board meeting.


Referendum to Increase District Assessment – Michael presented a draft of the “Notice of Referendum for the Primary Election” for a referendum to increase the maximum tax of the District.  Trustees recommended changes to the draft.  Next, discussion ensued regarding the amount that the tax should be increased.  After significant consideration was given to this subject, Kathy made a motion, seconded by Dave, that the assessed tax be increased to $125.00, not to exceed $250.00, per annum per residential parcel.  The motion was approved by a vote of 6-0.  Michael will contact the County representative who will be working with him on the referendum process, and he will determine when the two ads to announce the referendum must be published.  Barbara asked if the ads needed to be legal ads; Michael agreed to ask about that.


Trees Hanging Over Gunn Hwy. Wall – Due to John’s absence, this topic was tabled until the March 2017 Board meeting.


New Business


Public Records Request – Barbara reported that Lynn Dean, a former Board member who owns the property at 11624 Country Run Rd., is requesting the original grading plans that were prepared by the builder and should be on record with the County but apparently have been lost.  She is having stormwater/drainage issues on her property and wants the County to determine who is at fault.  Without the grading plans, she has no evidence of where the drainage has been compromised.  Carol Coon agreed to give her access to the boxes of documents that Carol inherited from Le Bailey when Carol became Board President. Barbara mentioned that Carol had e-mailed to all Trustees a notification about an upcoming State public records retention rule revision.  Penny replied that she did not have a chance to review the e-mail but would do so before the March 2017 Board meeting.


Tax Exemption Number – Barbara reported that it came to her attention the District’s tax exemption number (85-8012702957C-4) had expired in May 2016.  She searched the State Dept. of Revenue website for instructions on how to apply for a new number. The form now is DR-5. It requires a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number); the District’s is 59-2921505.  Carol’s address would be used as registered agent for the District.  Barbara asked if this should change. (See “Mailbox for District” below.)  Barbara requested assistance from other Trustees to search on-line to see if the District’s FEIN number is still valid.  She will check with the bank to verify our FEIN then apply for a new FL Certificate of Tax Exemption.


Mailbox for District – Barbara raised the question of whether a mailbox could be installed at the Casey Rd. entrance and an address assigned by the USPS so the Board’s mail delivery would not be tied to a resident’s address.  According to the County and TECO, both entrances have addresses, but they aren’t the same addresses. Mail is currently sent to Carol’s address as registered agent for the District.  After some discussion of options by Trustees, this topic was tabled until the March 2017 Board meeting.


There being no further business, Michael made a motion, seconded by Anne, that the meeting be adjourned, which was approved by a vote of 6-0.  Michael adjourned the meeting at 7:58 p.m.


Penny Phillips, Secretary                       ____________________________


Michael Fisher, President                      ____________________________