Minutes of the July 14, 2016 Meeting
Board of Trustees of the Beacon Meadows Special Dependent District
Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Rd., Tampa, Florida


Trustees Present:          Michael Fisher (Vice President), Barbara Appel (Treasurer), Penny Phillips (Secretary), Anne Blevins (Trustee),
                                       John O’Neill (Trustee)

Trustees Absent:           Carol Coon (President), Kathy Boyd (Trustee)

Public Present:              Joyce O’Neill, Jeanette Morel


The meeting was called to order by Michael at 7:05 p.m.


Secretary's Report – The minutes of the June 2016 meeting were read by Trustees in advance.  Barbara made a motion, seconded by Anne, to approve the minutes.  The motion was approved by a vote of 5-0. 


Treasurer’s Report (June 2016)

Revenues:  $202

Expenses:  $30,852 ($30,000 expensed for Gunn Hwy. wall repairs by T-3 Construction)

Cash in bank:  $19,351

Available to spend:  $12,127


Barbara reported that the monthly landscape maintenance charge has been reduced $20 to $775 as a result of the new HART paved bus pad installed adjacent to the Gunn Hwy. entrance, which has eliminated a large section of grass along the perimeter wall. She added that she will contact Jay’s Property Maintenance about following through with planting at the Gunn Hwy. entrance (the $268 expense was approved by the Board in December 2015).


Old Business


Major Repairs to Gunn Hwy. Wall – Barbara reported that, because of other projects, T-3 Construction will be unavailable to begin work on the Gunn Hwy. wall repairs for a month or more.


Lights at Casey Rd. Entrance – Because family matters have resulted in Carol being out of town for several weeks, she has not installed the new rope lights, which were approved for purchase at the April 2016 Board meeting.


New Business


FY 17 Budget – In Carol’s absence, on June 19, 2016, Penny submitted by e-mail the FY 17 budget documents to Mary Mahoney in the County Management and Budget Dept.  Penny was notified by e-mail on June 27, 2016 that the budget was being recommended for approval by the Board of County Commissioners.


Backflow Prevention Devices at Entrances – Barbara notified Penny that she had received a reminder from the County that the devices were due for their annual inspection.  Penny called Maurici Plumbing to schedule an inspection appointment, and the inspection was performed on July 13, 2016.  The cost per device is $75.00 ($150.00 total).  Maurici will submit the inspection reports to the County and mail the invoice to Barbara.


Public Records Request – A request was received by e-mail for “all records, regardless of form or means of transmission, memorializing payment of dues or membership contributions for any person, corporation, foundation, trust, association, group, or other organization made by your agency.”  Penny responded to the requestor by e-mail that, “The policy of Beacon Meadows Special Dependent District is for official records to be retained for a period of seven years.  Upon review of the records for that period, I find no ‘payment of dues or membership contributions.’”  She added that membership dues had been paid for President Le Bailey to belong to Carrollwood Area Association of Neighborhoods (CAAN).  However, that had been prior to November 2006 when Carol became President. Penny explained that anyone can request Florida public records.  However, when a large number of documents are being requested, the requestor can be provided an estimate for the cost (i.e., physical copies and labor charges) of providing documents not available on the website, which can prompt the requestor to narrow the request.  Penny added that requestors should not be asked why they want the records, but they can be asked for clarification of the request and for verification of timeframes for which the documents are being requested.  This can also help to narrow a request.  Barbara asked if the annual fee to the Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity should have been included. Both Penny and Michael agreed that this was a required annual fee and not “dues or membership contributions.”


There being no further business, Barbara made a motion, seconded by John, that the meeting be adjourned, which was approved by a vote of 5-0.  Michael adjourned the meeting at 7:23 p.m.


Penny Phillips, Secretary                       ____________________________


Michael Fisher, Vice President  ____________________________