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Minutes of the June 8, 2021 Meeting
Board of Trustees of the Beacon Meadows Special Dependent Tax District
Northdale Park & Rec, 15550 Spring Pine Dr., Tampa, Florida


Trustees Present:        Wendy McCrorey (President), Shirley Williams (Vice President), Barbara Appel (Treasurer), Penny Phillips (Secretary), Allen McCrorey (Trustee), Angela Lucero (Trustee)

Trustees Absent:         Anne Blevins (Trustee)

Public Present:            Dena Galyardt


The meeting was called to order by Wendy at 7:02 p.m.


Secretary's Report

The minutes of the May 2021 meeting were read by Trustees in advance.  Barbara made a motion, seconded by Shirley, that the minutes be approved.  The motion was approved by a vote of 6-0.


Treasurer’s Report (May 2021) (rounded to nearest dollar)

Revenues from previous month:  $158


Utilities (43.00) - $92

            Landscape maintenance (46.00) - $800

            Website hosting – WIX (41.00) - $168

            Budget hearing ad – (49.00) - $66

            Entrance sign lights/maintenance (46.00) - $193

Cash in bank:  $46,840

Available to spend:  $39,340


Old Business


Major Repairs to Gunn Hwy. Wall – The topic has been tabled until a future Board meeting after sufficient funds have been collected to repair enough sections of the wall to warrant the cost of approved drawings and building permits ($1,300).


Repairs to Jackson Rd. Wall (Revisited) – Shirley reported that she contacted eight contractors to request estimates for:  1) structural repairs to the wall and 2) short-term repairs to improve the appearance of the wall.  The only contractor who provided an estimate (with pictures) was Chimney Cricket from Sarasota, Florida. The estimate included details of repairs to three large sections of the wall (using existing footers) at a total cost of $31,975. Work, which would take about one month to complete and could be started in three to four months, would include cutting out a large area next to a pillar for each of the three sections, with rebuild and tooth-in as needed.  Some troublesome tree roots would need special attention.  Also included would be tuck-pointing of cracks and application of approved masonry caulk for hairline cracks.  Trustees reviewed and discussed the estimate and pictures.  Since the total cost was more than the District’s budget could withstand, other alternatives were considered, such as repairing the section(s) most in need of repair, repairing only cracks, or making only cosmetic improvements (pressure washing/painting).  Also, if all repairs were to be done, at least one more estimate would be needed, possibly from T-3 Construction.  Since Trustees could not agree on a course of action and no recommendation was made, the topic was tabled for a future Board meeting.  Wendy pointed out that the grass along the wall had been mowed, weed killer applied, and trash removed, apparently by Mobley Homes.


2021 Public Budget Hearing – The hearing will be conducted on June 8, 2021 at 7:30 p.m., after the monthly Board meeting.


New Business


Statement of Financial Interest – This was a reminder that the statement must be completed by all Trustees and returned to the County Supervisor of Elections by July 1, 2021.


There being no further business, Penny made a motion, seconded by Wendy, that the meeting be adjourned, which was approved by a vote of 6-0.  Wendy adjourned the meeting at 7:21 p.m.

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