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Minutes of the November 9, 2021 Meeting
Board of Trustees of the Beacon Meadows Special Dependent Tax District
Northdale Park & Rec, 15550 Spring Pine Dr., Tampa, Florida


Trustees Present:        Wendy McCrorey (President), Shirley Williams (Vice President), Barbara Appel (Treasurer), Penny Phillips (Secretary), Allen McCrorey (Trustee), Angela Lucero (Trustee)

Trustees Absent:         Anne Blevins (Trustee)

Public Present:            Dena Galyardt


The meeting was called to order by Wendy at 7:05 p.m.


Secretary's Report

The minutes of the October 2021 meeting were read by Trustees in advance.  Shirley made a motion, seconded by Wendy, that the minutes be approved.  The motion was approved by a vote of 6-0.


Treasurer’s Report (October 2021) (rounded to nearest dollar)

Revenue from previous month:  $252

Reimbursement from insurance claim:  $3,600


Utilities (43.00) - $93

            Landscape maintenance (46.00) - $800

            Insurance (surety bond) (45.00) - $100

            Annual fee to Dept. of Economic Opportunity (49.00) - $175

            Annual meeting schedule advertisement (49.00) - $79


Cash in bank:  $26,123

Available to spend:  $11,624


Old Business


Beginning of New Fiscal Year Tasks – Update on Task Completion


  • Meeting Schedule Advertisement – Barbara provided Penny a copy of the advertisement “cut sheet” from the Tampa Times.  Penny emailed to Mary Mahoney, County Management & Budget, a copy of the advertisement “cut sheet’ and minutes of the September 2021 meeting during which the meeting schedule was approved by Trustees.

  • Special District Information Form – Although the form did not need to be revised because there are no new Trustees or Officers, Penny prepared a new form, as required, and emailed or mailed copies to five different County or State agencies in accordance with instructions.

  • Unaudited Financial Statement – Barbara received the completed financial statement from King & Walker, the District’s accountants, and mailed two copies and emailed one copy to Mary Mahoney, County Management & Budget.  The only task remaining is for Wendy as President and Barbara as Treasurer to verify the financial information entered into the State’s automated system when the information becomes available later in the year.


New Business


Date for Putting Up Holiday Decorations at Entrances – After discussion by Trustees of a date, it was agreed that the entrances should be decorated on November 27, 2021 starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Casey Rd. entrance.  Penny volunteered to text Anne to make sure she knows when the decorations she is storing at her house need to be made available.


Annual Records Management Compliance Statement – Penny reported that this statement must be submitted to the Florida Dept. of State before the end of 2021.  She completed the form for Wendy’s signature indicating that the District is in compliance with the Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code for all public records of the District, regardless of format, and that no paper or electronic records of the District had been disposed of during the fiscal year which needed to be documented.


There being no further business, Barbara made a motion, seconded by Shirley, that the meeting be adjourned, which was approved by a vote of 6-0.  Wendy adjourned the meeting at 7:19 p.m.


Penny Phillips, Secretary       ____________________________


Wendy McCrorey, President ____________________________

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