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Current News

Hillsborough County Low-Volume Irrigation System Grant Program

Beacon Meadows Board of Trustees has been awarded a grant to replace the aging drip irrigation system at both entrances. The board is also working with our landscape contractor to replace the dead plants, amend the soil and apply mulch.  

Since some of this work may happen in December there will be fewer-than-usual holiday lights in the entrance planters, so as to not interfere with this work.

Happy Holidays

The Board of Trustees

Beacon Meadows Homeowners’ Tax Dollars at Work!

The Beacon Meadows Board of Trustees, which is comprised of seven volunteers living in the subdivision, is responsible for spending homeowners’ taxes collected by the County to maintain the Tax District’s entrances, perimeter walls, and adjacent grounds. As evidence of your tax dollars at work, the Board is pleased to highlight three major projects that were completed during the 2017-18 fiscal year:

  • Major Repairs to Gunn Hwy. Perimeter Wall – nine sections of the wall that were severely leaning were repaired by T-3 Construction at a cost of $50,000.

  • Pressure Cleaning of All Perimeter Walls – the Gunn Hwy., Casey Rd., and Jackson Rd. walls were pressure cleaned by Integrity Pressure Cleaning at a cost of $2,225.

  • Referendum to Increase Annual Assessment – a referendum to increase the annual assessment for the Tax District from $100 to $125, with a maximum of $250, per home was passed on August 28, 2018 after numerous steps were followed by the Board to have the referendum placed on the ballot by the County Supervisor of Elections. With costs continually rising, this increase was critically needed.

The Board meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Reading Room at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. The public is welcome to attend. For more information, go to the website at

Penny Phillips, Secretary, Beacon Meadows Board of Trustees



Thank you to a frustrated resident to get the ball rolling, let's keep up the momentum. Most of this is common courtesy.


Please take pride in where you live, and have respect for your neighbors. 

- Don't park on the lawn, or over the sidewalk.  (county code, deed restrictions)

- Parking of boats, trailers and SUV is prohibited, unless garaged. (deed restrictions)

- Maintain your yard. Mow and edge the sidewalk and street side to allow drainage during storms.

- Maintain fences (deed restrictions)

- Keep garbage cans out of sight, or at a minimum, on the side of the house. (deed restrictions) collection schedule

- Pickup trash in your yard (deed restrictions)

- Place all items for trash collection in the garbage or recycling bin.  Items outside of the containers will not be removed.  Items to large, or toxic in nature should be taken to the county transfer station on Linebaugh (county website)

- Do not remove shopping carts from shopping centers (state statute)

- No home run businesses or other activities that congests traffic or cause a nuisance to others.(deed restrictions)

Find the deed restrictions for your home here:


Hillsborough County Code Enforcement

Is your neighbor’s lawn so high that the kids use it to play hide and seek? You can restore safety, and your own sanity, starting right here. Report code violations, search active cases, and find out how to pay fines.





The perimeter wall along Gunn Highway has some issues.  In all, 12 sections have been straightened, but with over 50 sections in the Gunn Highway wall, this will be an on going process. 


If your property borders on any wall, you can help. 


 Don't plant on or near the wall

  • Trees with surface roots, or fast growing invasive species such as bamboo and Brazilian pepper trees can put extreme stress on walls causing them to lean or crack.

  • Plants with thorns hinder repair and maintenance crews, while beautiful; bougainvillea can be treacherous to work around.

  • Clinging vines put roots into the masonry, damaging it over time.  Subdivisions that allow or even encourage clinging vines on their perimeter walls collect greater fees from their residents, for such things as wall repair.


Paint the yard side of the wall. 

  • Good exterior paint helps keep rain, plant growth and critters out of the wall (yes, we have removed bee hives from a crack in a wall). A large portion of the budget goes to cleaning and painting the top and street side of the walls. Without protective paint on the homeowner's side a good deal of damage can still result.


Do not add anything permanent in the easement

  • When this wall was built in 1992,  the Board of Trustees obtained a 2ft easement into the adjoining property.  No permanent structure, pavers or concrete may occupy this area.

If your property isn’t along one of the walls.

You benefit from a well maintained perimeter. Property values are higher, and crime is lower in subdivisions with a well maintained perimeter. 


Attend a monthly board meeting for more information.






Worried about the $250 ceiling?  Don't be. 

The Board of Trustees has no plans to implement the $250 tax assessment for quite a while.  Since it costs our district several hundred dollars to get the referendum on the ballot, we are trying not to incur that cost again for at least another decade, if not more.  The last major referendum was in 1992. 

Members of the board are your friends and neighbors. We either have paying jobs or are retired.  We are volunteers who don't make a cent by being on the board.  We have also been known to volunteer our time to do maintenance work ourselves and to pay for some incidental expenses out of our own pockets to keep costs down. 


The Board of Trustees must adhere to Florida Sunshine laws, which require transparency.  There is a budget hearing held every June when the board presents the budget for the following year.  The decision to change the tax assessment for the following year is not taken lightly. The public is welcome at all meetings, especially the budget hearing. 

Without the increase to $125, you will likely see more chipped stucco on the Gunn Hwy. wall.  We might not be able to repair the irrigation systems at the entrances or replace the dead plants. The entrance signs are faded and should be repainted.  If you have ever driven down Jackson Rd., you know that wall needs work, which we have just not had the money to address.